The Art of the Law School Personal Statement by Michelle Fabio, Esq.The Art of the Law School Personal Statement is a 90-page guide (60-page PDF) to writing a successful law school personal statement by Michelle Fabio, Esq., former Guide to Law School.

Michelle has helped hundreds of aspiring students prepare personal statements through both and her own venture, Personal Statement Artist; you’ll find all her best advice in this handy volume.

Chapter and section titles include:

* The 12 Commandments of Law School Personal Statements
* Brainstorming (including over 80 questions and writing prompts)
* Topics to Avoid
* Types of Personal Statements
* Creating a Personal Statement Map
* Essay Structure
* Basic Formatting Rules
* Conquering Writer’s Block
* Rewriting & Revising

What Others Are Saying:

“Fabio’s book is an authoritative companion to what can be a challenging part of the application process.” – John Rood, Next Step Test Preparation (via Amazon)

“The Art of the Law School Personal Statement is great for anyone who wants to write a great admissions essay but doesn’t know where to start.” Blueprint Test Preparation

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