The Art of the Law School Personal Statement by Michelle Fabio, Esq.

Whether you’re just starting to brainstorm, already have a draft ready to be critiqued, or are anywhere in between, there’s a services plan to fit your needs.

Check out the breakdowns of the plans below; if you still have questions about how the services work, please see the FAQ. There is also a rush service available if you need your critique within 48 hours, which you can also see below in the checkout area.

If you’re not sure which editing package would best fit your needs, feel free to shoot over a message and we can discuss.

Review & Editing Services Plans

One & Done

Power of Two

3 Times the Essay

More with Four

Whole Shebang

$100 $175 $250 $325 $375
Review 1 draft Review 1 draft + 1 rewrite Review 1 draft + 2 rewrites Review 1 draft + 3 rewrites Review 1 draft + 4 rewrites
1 wk email support 2 wks email support 3 wks email support 4 wks email support Unlimited email support
+ 1 essay/$30* + 1 essay/$30* + 1 essay/$25* + 1 essay/$25*
 + resume/$30 + 2-4 essays/$25 each* + 2-4 essays/$20 each* + 2-4 essays/$20 each*
+ resume/$30 + resume/$25 + resume/$15
Unlimited brainstorming

*Additional essays and resume are entitled to the services listed under the One and Done plan; if your additional essay(s) or resume needs more care than that, please contact me so we can work something out. Also, through the checkout below, you can only purchase the basic plans and rush option; for additional essays and resumes, I will send you an invoice directly once we have communicated.


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