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How does it work?

Once you pay for your chosen service via PayPal, on the confirmation of payment screen, click “Return to Michelle Fabio” to be redirected to a page on this site to a page on this site with directions for sending your personal statement. If that doesn’t work (technology isn’t always our friend!), just send your statement to michelle(at)personalstatementartist(dot)com, and I will be in touch shortly thereafter.

What exactly do I get in a critique/review?

Personal statement critiques/reviews (the terms are used interchangeably on this site) involve an analysis of both form and function. That is, each review from me will include commentary on the following:

√ Topic choice/theme
√ Clarity
√ Structure
√ Grammar, Punctuation
√ Active/Passive Voice, Word Choice
√ Introduction
√ Conclusion
√ Strengths
√ Weaknesses
√ Overall effectiveness

You will also receive your suggested essay edits using the “track changes” feature.

When can I expect my critique?

Personal statement drafts will be reviewed as quickly as possible, but in any event, you will be sent your critique within seven working days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). If you need rush service, there is an extra fee for delivery within 48 hours. See the services page for more information.

How long can my draft be?

Your personal statement or other essay draft should not exceed four pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font.

In what format should I send my draft?

I use LibreOffice, so most formats are fine. If you also use LibreOffice, please feel free to keep it in the .odt format.

Do you offer resume review services?

It depends on which personal statement services plan you are buying. Please consult the services page for more information, but please note that I will review resumes *only* for the purposes of law school applications; I specify this because resumes for other destinations may need to focus on different experiences and information.

Will you write my personal statement for me?

No way, no how, nunht unh. I already got into law school — now it’s your turn, and I look forward to helping you achieve your goal. My services are to provide support in writing, editing, and revising, but I do not write personal statements for clients.

Should I even be applying to law school?

Whether or not to apply to and attend law school is a personal decision, but for more of my thoughts on what you should be considering, please see Is Law School For Me?