The Art of the Law School TransferThe Art of the Law School Transfer: A Guide to Transferring Law Schools by Andrew B. Carrabis and Seth D. Haimovitch is the only book written specifically for 1L students thinking about transferring to another school; there is also plenty of information for anyone already thinking about accepting one law school’s offer with the intention to transfer after first year.

More About the Authors

Both authors were transfer law students themselves; they started at Florida A&M (Haimovitch finished 1L as second in the class of 137 and Carrabis was ranked third) and transferred to the University of Florida Law School after 1L.

Inside the Book

In this book, Carrabis and Haimovitch share not only their own experiences with transferring law schools, but also offer testimonials of others who have made similar jumps—including students who transferred into the Ivy League.

In addition to personal experiences, you’ll also get a great deal of information about the practicalities of transferring law schools, including a sample transfer statement, resume, and letters of recommendation. They also include information on the effect of transferring on on-campus interviewing (OCI), journals, and other law school activities.

Chapter headings include:

* To Harvard I Will Go
* The Transfer Mindset
* Something to Gain, Something to Lose: Should I Leave If I Can?
* Narrowing Your Schools
* Succeeding at Your New School and Beyond

One of the best resources in this book for transfer students, though, is the chart of transfer statistics for selected law schools; with these you can get an idea of how many students apply to and then get into some of the top law schools in the country.

Rating & Recommendation

I give this book five stars and highly recommend it to anyone considering transferring law schools. In about 150 pages, you’ll read about all the factors you need to consider when transferring, the pros and cons, and also how to be a successful transfer student in school and thereafter. Let this book be your guide.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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