Brain 2 by J E Theriot on FlickrA recent UC Berkeley study in neuroanatomy has found “that rigorous preparation for the LSAT can strengthen connections in the brain that are associated with improved reasoning skills.”

Translation? Studying for the LSAT can make you smarter! Well, kind of, anyway.

The study was done by performing MRI scans on the brains of subjects before and after they completed a 100-hour LSAT course by Blueprint Test Preparation. The comparison between the two sets of MRIs “showed a strengthening of connections in the brain associated with reasoning skills more than a control group of students who did not take a prep course.”

So there you go. As you prepare for the LSAT, you may also be making yourself smarter in the process. Congratulations!

Further reading:

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* Image by J E Theriot (Flickr) via CC license.

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