LSATMax AppThe LSATMax App is great for those who want to have their LSAT study materials available at all times, no matter where they are. The app is free and was developed by Harvard Law grads; the instructor scored in the 99th percentile on the LSAT.

Inside the App

With the free LSATMax App comes the June 2007 LSAT (100 questions) with detailed explanations for every question as well as six full-length practice LSATs and access to another 6,000+ actual LSAT questions. Moreover, you also receive the following:

* Whiteboard video lessons by Harvard Law grads;
* Unlimited email and phone support;
* Instruction in logical reasoning, logic games, reading comprehension, and writing sample;
* Homework assignments,;
* Study calendar;
* Flashcards.

According to iTunes, the most popular in-app purchases are the following:

* LSATMax Full Course ($249.99);
* Diagnostic Exam – Oct 2010 ($19.99);
* Diagnostic Exam – December 2010 ($19.99);
* LSATMax Course ($249.99);
* Logic Games Pack ($124.99); and
* Logical Reasoning Pack ($149.99)

The experience is fully interactive and the additional materials are quite reasonably priced compared to many traditional LSAT courses; you can even form local study groups through the app if you like.

Rating & Recommendation

After taking a quick spin around this app myself, I can say I wish it had been around when I was preparing for the LSAT; I definitely would have loved to have had all this information at my fingertips at any time of day or night.

I highly recommend checking out the free version of the LSATMax App, taking a test run to see whether this type of study method works for you, and then deciding whether you think you can benefit from any of the additional purchases.

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