Keyboard by John Ward on FlickrWhen you’re ready to write your law school resume, the first thing you should do is set aside some time to sit down and gather all the information you might include. Before you start typing, brainstorm answers to the questions below.

What are all the schools I’ve attended and degrees or certificates earned?

List the name of the school, its location, dates of attendance, major or focus of study, GPA, GPA in your major (especially if it’s higher than your general GPA). If you studied abroad, include that as well.

Did I receive any honors or awards while at those schools?

Awards and honors may be academic, athletic, community service-oriented, etc.

Did I participate in any substantial activities while at those schools?

If you were committed to a couple of activities, especially if you held a leadership role, be sure to list them and the responsibilities of the position.

What are all the jobs I’ve held?

Include employer’s name, location, position held, dates of employment. If you were working while attending school and it was a significant time commitment, include the number of hours per week. At this point, you can also start composing short descriptions of your job duties. Also include any awards and distinctions received.

Do I have special skills or unique hobbies that require commitment?

Here you can include foreign languages, musical/artistic pursuits, athletics, advanced computer skills, extensive traveling, etc.

Do I have any achievements or activities that haven’t yet been included?

Some things you’ve experienced may not fit squarely into any of the categories listed above, so take a few minutes and think about any other significant life experiences you’ve had that you may want to include on your resume. Even if they don’t fit on your resume anywhere, though, they might make for a good personal statement topic, so keep that in mind as well.

* Image via John Ward on Flickr (CC license)

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