Law School Undercover by Professor XPlainly put, if you are only going to buy one book regarding law school preparation and success, Law School Undercover is the one.

As an integral player in the law school system, having even served on admissions committees, Professor “X” offers an invaluable and up til now unavailable-to-the-public point of view on law school.

Professor “X” covers just about every aspect of the law school experience from deciding whether you should apply all the way up through your career track. If you’ve read my reviews of the “Jagged Rocks” series of books by Morten Lund, this follows a similar trend of giving readers the hard, honest truth — and there’s simply no other book on the market that gives this much dirt on the entire law school experience.

Topics covered range from whether law school is right for you to what you’ll receive at a top school that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. You’ll also read about “developing a law school mentality,” the right way to learn the law, and how you can start your legal career while still in law school.

I give this book five stars and would give it more if I could; this is an absolute must read for anyone considering or already attending law school.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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