LSAT Blog LogoSteve Schwartz is a professional LSAT tutor who also runs the popular LSAT Blog. He has developed several premium LSAT study schedules that lay out specifically what you should be doing on a day-by-day basis (from one-month to seven-months). The schedules are all PDF files, available for downloadable immediately after payment is completed through PayPal.

I’m reviewing the three-month schedule as I had received a copy for review.

The LSAT Blog Three-Month LSAT Study Schedule: Premium Day-by-Day Version starts with a summary of all the contents and then goes into detail for each day. Along with recommended sample LSAT questions and techniques, there are also suggested background reading materials linked from the document. The schedule includes preparation for logic games, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension, and includes both timed and untimed LSAT practice test sessions.

Steve’s schedules are excellent tools for those preparing for the LSAT. Not only will you know what material you should be covering, you’re also provided a handy guide for what you should be doing and when. I particularly love that Steve has included linked to blog posts you should read when preparing for particular sections — background information, or the “why” behind what you’re doing can be so important to understanding LSAT concepts.

I give the LSAT Blog Three-Month LSAT Study Schedule: Premium Day-by-Day Version five stars as it is comprehensive, full of great information and LSAT tips, and simply an excellent guide for LSAT takers who would like to know exactly what they should be doing to prepare for the LSAT.

These guides would be particularly helpful to those who are also working full-time or part-time while preparing for the LSAT; using one of these schedules could be a great way to make sure you’re staying on track and not losing momentum as the test approaches. No matter your situation, though, these schedules can help you feel more in control of the LSAT prep process — and that feeling just may be priceless.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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